VisionLITE will keep track of your stocks in real time. It keeps track of every trade in its monitor window and displays intra-day charts over five days. End-of-day and delayed intra-day quotes are freely downloadable. Live portfolios keep track of the stocks in your portfolio. It also provides extended technical analysis with over 40 indicators. (more...)





AlertTape shows scrolling stock prices on top of your Windows Desktop screen, without overlapping your active programs.

Stock quotes are continuously updated through the Internet for free. The list of stocks is user defined, up to 100 stocks. The user can also set a high or low alert and receive alert by e-mail. AlertTape can be linked directly in Excel to provide live quote updates in Excel.  (more...)




With VisionExpert you'll get the competitive edge to trade like a pro. In one product you have Real Time and End of Day capabilities. VisionExpert can receive data in realtime, connecting directly with selected data providers but has also a built-in automatic procedure to download historical data and updates from Yahoo site. The single trader has at his disposal the same work tool used by professional market operators : extended technical analysis with over 40 indicators, graphical studies, a compare tool, Real-time portfolio tracking, time & sales features. (more...)



Portfolio2000 is an advanced portfolio management system that keeps track of your buys and sells, dividends, splits, ...and calculates the current value of your portfolios.You can manage your own portfolio, a handful of portfolios for your family, or a hundred portfolios for your clients. (more...)





For more than 12 years DoubleQUOTE has been supplying relyable information for the most important stocks all over the world, from Amsterdam to Zurich. (more...)





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